Addressed to: Buyers
Welcome to Pago Digital Colombia SAS.
Before using our services you must know and accept the Terms and Conditions of Use for the Technology Platform.
1. The approval of what is stipulated here is understood to be accepted once you click on the button identified as “I know and accept the terms and conditions”.
2. Likewise, it is assumed that there is legal capacity to use the platform, as well as to purchase the respective item in accordance with the civil laws of the Republic of Colombia.
3. Once you click, you are enabled to use the technological platform as a payment channel for products or services offered by merchants affiliated with Pago Digital Colombia SAS.
4. The guarantee of the goods or services that you pay through our platform is the responsibility of each merchant.
5. Our service for buyers is completely free, if a charge is eventually generated, we will inform you in a timely manner.
6. Pago Digital Colombia SAS may cancel the service if it detects that it is being used fraudulently and reserves the use of legal mechanisms for repair in the event of any type of damage. BUYER DECLARATIONS
7. You declare and understand that Pago Digital Colombia SAS is not a system for capturing assets or deposits.
8. You declare as a buyer that in no case will the technological platform be used to pay sums of money that do not correspond to the alienation of a good or service to a Merchant affiliated with Pago Digital Colombia SAS, in the same way, it will not be used to transfer money to one’s own bank account(s) or those of third parties, acquire securities, make money orders, or any other banking intermediation activity that is the responsibility of entities in the financial sector, to acquire illicit or prohibited goods or services according to the legislation of the Republic of Colombia.
9. Pago Digital Colombia SAS acts as an intermediary and in this capacity the resources of the purchase of goods and/or services that you make to the affiliated businesses circulate.
10. The payments you make through Pago Digital Colombia SAS to its affiliated businesses are subject to the consumer statute Law 1480 of 2011, which is why Pago Digital Colombia SAS is not responsible for the guarantee, security, delivery time and of the quality of the products or services that you pay to the Merchants. INFORMATION MANAGEMENT.
11. You accept the use of your personal information in the terms and conditions indicated in the Privacy Policy, which is available and you can consult our website www.pagodigital.co, for the reasons why Pago Digital Colombia SAS may confirm your details with the objective of protecting cardholders from identity theft., We will also inform you about failures and updates of our services, make the report to risk centres in case of not making the payments at your expense or that these are fictitious, invoicing the use of the services provided by Pago Digital Colombia SAS, verify your information with third parties, payment franchises such as Visa and Mastercard, without being limited to these, have the information for statistical purposes, studies, or analysis for the implementation of plans to improve the quality of the services provided by part of Pago Digital Colombia SAS. Your personal information will be managed for the term indicated in the current Law or that which will come to govern. You authorise Pago Digital Colombia SAS to send you advertising information about the offers or commercial events carried out by the businesses affiliated with us, eventually and if you wish, you can decline the receipt of these offers. GUARANTEES AND INDEMNITY
12. Pago Digital Colombia SAS does not guarantee that there may be delays in the confirmation of payments, fraud, information leaks or interruptions in the accessibility to the payer platform on behalf of unscrupulous third parties, it will provide high standards of security and diligence in the handling of information and the operation of payments to each merchant, however, it will not be contractually or non-contractually liable for consequential damages or lost profits due to delays in payment validation, identity theft or the non-availability of the payment platform linked to the services provided by Pago Digital Colombia SAS. It will be our responsibility in the case of damage demonstrated by virtue of any omissions on our behalf with regards to the provision of our services, the limit of the mentioned responsibility in any case will correspond to the value of the payment made by the buyer or cardholder. REFORM OF THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS
13. Eventually Pago Digital Colombia SAS may modify this document, when necessary and in the consideration of current and updated laws.
14. The reforms will be duly notified to each buyer through our website and in no case will they have an effect on purchases made previously. FORMS OF TERMINATION
15. The use of our services is freely available so you can stop using them whenever you want, in the same way we will suspend the service of your account in case of fraud or impersonation or suspicion of it by third parties.
16. In the opportunity in which the competent authority so determines. OTHER PROVISIONS
17. The conditions and terms indicated here constitute a contract that is not likely to be assigned without prior authorisation from Pago Digital Colombia SAS.
18. In events of fortuitous event or force majeure that generate non-compliance by Pago Digital Colombia SAS, there will be no attributable liability.
19. In case of doubts or specific concerns you can contact us through the following means: email: info@pagodigital.co or telephone 3930393
20. JURISDICTION AND DISPUTE SETTLEMENT. Any difference generated on the occasion of our services will be resolved under the laws of the Republic of Colombia, applying the procedural requirements of the case.
21. Payment reversals can only be processed in the times of Decree 587 of, 2016.